Understanding Melbet’s Betting Odds: Insights into Odds Calculation and Market Trends

Odds in sports betting play a role comparable to DNA in biology: they determine the potential winnings, risks and attractiveness of a bet. On Melbet betting site, as well as on other platforms, you can encounter different formats of quotes: fractional, decimal, American. Each of them has its own peculiarities and requires a separate analysis.

In the upcoming review, we will look in detail at the mechanism of odds, learn how to calculate them and show how a proper understanding of quotes can become an indispensable tool on the way to successful betting.

Main Types of Odds

Melbet Betting in India is expressed in three basic formats: decimal, fractional and American. Competent work with these indicators gives the key to successful betting.

Decimal (European) coefficients

Decimal quotes are common in Europe, post-Soviet countries and Asia. Potential winnings (W) when the bet passes is calculated according to the following formula:

W = K × S, where:

  • K is a coefficient;
  • S is the size of the bet.

Let’s say you have Melbet login and placed a bet of INR 1,000 with odds of 1.91. If you guess the outcome, your winnings will be: 1,910 INR (1,000 × 1.91), of which 910 INR net profit.

To translate the European odds into the probability of the event taking into account the margin, it is necessary to divide 100 by the value of the odds. For example, 100/1.84 ≈ 54.35. That is, the probability of the event in percentage terms will be 54%.

Fractional (British) Ratios

UK quotes are popular in North West European countries. They represent the ratio of the amount of net profit (numerator) to the bet size (denominator). At Melbet India, fractional odds are popular with British punters. For example, a 7/4 ratio tells the user that for every 4 INR, they will earn 7 INR if they win the bet.

To convert British ratios to decimals, divide the numerator by the denominator and add 1: 7/4 + 1 = 2.75.

U.S. Odds

American odds come in positive and negative, such as +120 and -140:

  • Positive means that for every 1,000 INR 1,000 bet, you can make 1,200 INR profit;
  • Negative means you have to spend INR 1,400 to accrue INR 1,000 net profit.

To convert positive American quotes into decimal ones is very simple: divide their value by 100 and add 1. In our case we need: 120/100 + 1 = 2.20.

Converting negative odds to European odds is even easier: divide 100 by their value and add one. For example: 100/140 + 1 = 1.71.

How Betting Sites Calculate the Odds of a Particular Outcome

To understand the process of odds formation in Melbet online let’s consider a 3-step process that is applied by all betting sites without exception:

  1. Probability analysis. The company hires analysts or buys data from reputable analytical agencies to determine the probabilities of various outcomes.
  2. Calculation of coefficients. Based on these data, the calculation of basic quotes begins.
  3. Adding margin. A commission is then added to the quotes to provide the company with a profit.

Let’s imagine that in a cricket match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings, the probability of the former team winning is estimated at 68%, the latter at 10% and a draw at 22%. To calculate Melbet cricket European odds in Melbet cricket betting, you need to divide 100 by each of the probabilities. In this case, the line of the main outcome of the event will look like this:

  • P1 – for 1.47:100 / 68;
  • P2 – for 10.00:100 / 10;
  • X – for 4.54:100 / 22.

Let’s assume that Melbet wants to set the margin at 6%. Then the sum of probabilities will not be 100%, but 106%.

The additional 6% is allocated based on the previously calculated coefficients:

  • 4.08% to win Mumbai Indians: 6% x 0.67 → 72.08% : 68% + 4.08%;
  • 0.60% to win Chennai Super Kings: 6% x 0.10 → 10.60% : 10% + 0.60%;
  • 1.32% to draw: 6% x 0.22 → 23.32% : 22% + 1.32%

Now the betting platform will put the quotes in the line taking into account its commission:

  • P1 for 1.39 : 100 / 72.08;
  • P2 for 9.44 : 100 / 10.60;
  • X for 4.29 : 100 / 23.32.

Is It Profitable to Bet at Melbet?

At the time of Melbet review, Indian punters were offered some of the most attractive odds in the Asian market. The company provides low margins, which makes betting more favourable:

Type of sport Average margin
Cricket 4.0%
Cybersport 4.5%
Basketball 3.8%
Football 4.2%
Badminton 4.1%
Volleyball 3.9%

In addition, users can compensate for spending on margin using Melbet bonus. New users can get a boost to their initial deposit – 100% up to 8,000 INR. To take advantage of the offer, all you need to do is login to Melbet login India and deposit from 55 INR.

Cash gifts make betting more attractive and increase the chances of success. All this combined makes Melbet one of the most favourable betting options in India.


Odds are a key element of any betting platform, including Melbet Casino. Players can choose between different quote formats: decimal (European), fractional (British) or American, depending on their preference. Odds values allow you to estimate the potential income from each bet. It is important to remember that these figures are not static and can fluctuate, especially when betting in live mode. High quotes usually indicate a low probability of a successful outcome (from the betting site’s point of view).

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